Notes On

With myriad programming languages in existence, it is quite hard to keep track of subtle syntax differences. More importantly, it is vital to identify the advantages of each language. Being language agnostic means we can use the right tools for any given problem.

While learning a new programming language, or programming concept, it may be beneficial to keep track of what you have learnt. This means you will always have something personal to refer back to in times of need.

This is the method of learning I have been using for many years, and it has proven most useful. I keep all my notes regularly updated in a Github repository, and will be posting them up on this site to improve their readability.

The full list is as follows:

These together form the NotesOn series.

There is a high probability that mistakes will be present in any one of the Notes. If you find any, post a comment and I will endeavour to correct it shortly afterwards.

Each Note has been written by following a variety of resources. Links are provided at he end of each document.

If there are any source files to download, a link will be made clear at the start.